Craig Mollins Art

Mindfulness, Movement and Life Force: Unblocking the Creative Flow

A Weekend Retreat

Learn to tap directly into life force energy, and to follow and direct that energy in your creative processes.

Every artist reaches that moment when suddenly the energy isn’t flowing and the art isn’t coming. The worst thing we can do in that moment is panic and start to worry, but of course more often than not that’s exactly what we do.

There exist inner tools that help us become more intimate and effective with our own energy flows. As we become more present with our internal process, we become more familiar with how we get stuck, and how to get unstuck. We become more fluid and confident when obstacles arise and we have the internal resources to move through them.

Along the way we learn how to take the very energy of obstruction and invite it into our creative work. This is powerful energy, and when we learn to open to it, and to all our energies, we have access to more creative juice.

The Retreat

During the weekend we’ll work with several processes:

  • Embodied mindfulness to help us drop out of the thinking brain and into more full presence with body, heart, and energy flows.
  • Sensorial practices to open and clear the doors of perception.
  • Creative practices that help us express directly from the flow of life force
We’ll also have some time in community to ground the lessons and learn from each other.


Location: TBA
Dates: TBA
Schedule: 10 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday with a one hour lunch break at 1 pm.


The retreat is limited to 25 people so register early to reserve your spot.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel anytime before the start of the workshop and receive a refund minus a $25.00 CAD processing fee.