Craig Mollins Art

Custom Work in Vancouver Metropolitan Area

I am available to create beautiful works of color and energy for your home, office and other locations. My work brings brightness, joy, and vivid expression of life force.

The Process

First we meet somewhere in the city to get to know each other little, over coffee or tea, or having a stroll. Then in a second meeting I come to your home to connect with the space, and for us to discuss what it is you want from the painting(s). We share some meaningful conversation to evoke your aspirations for the space and the artwork. 

Then I take a few days to reflect and contemplate, and see what emerges. During that time consult the I-Ching, or Book of Changes to further connect with your wishes. As I go through this process I get a feeling for how my own artistic flow can align and intersect your aspirations.

Finally I prepare my art studio and begin the honourific process of giving expression to your inspiration and how it moves through me and onto the canvas.