Craig Mollins Art

My paintings are inspired by the energy of Tourette syndrome, dance, and the practice of presence. Having Tourette syndrome gives me access to high amounts of energy and I first started to paint as a way to explore how I might express that energy creatively.

I’m also a long time practitioner of Rolf Structural Integration, and I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach and Life Coach, and I work to support people who have Tourette syndrome.

My background includes training in Tibetan Buddhist meditation and philosophy, which I began as a young man of 18. As part of my Buddhist education I’ve studied a range of eastern art forms including meditative brush stroke, Dharma Art, and non-dual theatre. For 12 years I studied and practiced ‘Kyudo,’ aka Zen Archery, with the late Kanjuro Shibata Sensei. Sensei was the 20th generation bow-maker to the imperial family of Japan, and taught Kyudo to many students in the western world.

I meditate every day and often do extended retreats and programs. I’ve been a student of Qigong for over 20 years and practice daily. I practice yoga, I walk at least one hour every day, and I begin my morning routine with 20 minute free style dancing.

Meditative and somatic trainings have given me access to mindful presence, sensory and somatic awareness, the inner workings of Qi energy flow, and the dynamics of emotional blockage and freedom, along with connection with light energy.

In my artistic process there’s very little input from the cognitive brain. The painting unfolds as an expression of my inner experience as it blends with the color and movement of the paints on the surface. As patterns emerge I follow them and gradually something begins to come together.

I’ve been a world traveller for the past 20 years, and recently moved to Vancouver, Canada.